Elegant Parthenon Wedding

Beautiful, Understated Spring Wedding

bride and groom hugging

Kaitlin and Mick's spring wedding was a beautiful affair for all of their guests who gathered in Nashville from around the world.   The day started with the bride, her bridesmaids and mom getting ready in the bridal suite. 

wedding dress hanging in window
bride shoes on a blue chair
wedding dress on a gold hanger
elegant stationery handwritten caligraphy
bride with wild bouquet.jpeg
bride by fireplace.jpeg
groom cufflinks.jpeg
groom boutonniere anemone.jpeg

The ceremony was held at historic Wightman Chapel.  The wreaths and altar continued the wild and loose feel of the florals. 

bride and groom Wightman Chapel.jpeg
Ceremony altar.jpeg
classic car outside church.jpeg
wreath on church doors.jpeg
wedding ceremony Wightman Chapel.jpeg
bride and groom leaving ceremony.jpeg

Guests then headed to an amazing reception at the Cordelle.  The relaxed, elegant feel of the reception was designed by Kaitlin and her mom who wanted an understated feeling and a relaxed space for their guests.  

bride and groom smiling.jpeg
bride and groom kissing springtime.jpeg
wild centerpiece dark votive.jpeg
wooden chairs in tent.jpeg
reception table with stripe napkins greenery.jpeg
oyster shell with rings.jpeg
first dance bride and groom.jpeg
brides cake.jpeg
grooms cake.jpeg
bar with greenery.jpeg
lounge seating with chandelier.jpeg

Guests were greeted with a shrimp and oyster bar.  

oysters and shrimp on ice.jpeg
signature cocktails.jpeg
appetizer forks.jpeg
passed appetizers.jpeg

The reception tent featured gorgeous chandeliers with greenery and lovely wild flowers with lush blooms. 

tented reception wood and white.jpeg
large centerpiece under wooden chandelier.jpeg
bar table with candles and flowers.jpeg
beautiful bar with greenery and lighting.jpeg
wooden bar tables and stools.jpeg

The bride and groom left the reception to a Second Line.

second line wedding exit.jpeg
bride and groom in classic car.jpeg


Photographer: Justin Wright Photography  
Rentals: 12th Table
Dress Designer: BHLDN
Lighting: Bright Event Productions 
Cake Designer: Dessert Designs 
Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Joseph A Banks
Makeup Artist: Katie Russo Beauty 
Caterer: Kristen Winston Catering 
Dress Store: Modern Trousseau Nashville
Equipment Rentals: Music City Tents and Events
Ceremony Location: Scarritt Bennett Center
Band: Scat Springs Band 
Ceremony Musicians: Silver Strings
Calligrapher: The Dotted Line 
Floral Designer: Basil and Bergomot Flower Farm
Event Planner: Events by Elaine 
Reception Venue: The Cordelle

2018 Wedding Trends

 Photo: Justin Wright

Photo: Justin Wright

Weddings always include classic details and traditions; however, these trends can add a modern, fresh feel to your wedding.  

Large floral installation: 

Large impact making florals are going to continue into 2018.  These showcase pieces will always make a statement whether on a wall or hanging from a ceiling. 

 Photo: Madi Flourney

Photo: Madi Flourney


Wedding cakes:

Wedding cake is getting some personality.  Drip cakes and multi colored cakes are showing up everywhere.   Watercolor and floral patterns are also exceedingly popular.  

Dessert Table: 

The dessert table is more popular than ever.  Couples are offering their guests a large selection of tasty treats in a beautiful display. 

 Photo: Freestone Photography

Photo: Freestone Photography

Dark, Moody Feel: 

Black accents and a dark, moody feel is making its way into weddings.  It creates a dramatic feel.  You can include these shades in your flowers with deeper, richer shades.  Your reception can include these feel with charcoal or black lines and matching candles.  Dark purples, blacks, grays and muddy colors will replace blush flowers. 

Smaller, Intimate Weddings:

Couples are choosing to limit the guest list to a small, intimate collection of friends and family, usually less than 75.  These weddings allow couples to spend more money on food, decor, or accents that they want. 

 Photo: Celladora Photography

Photo: Celladora Photography


Bold Colors: 

The past few years blush and neutrals have ruled wedding.  Well, 2018 is bringing back color.  Rich reds and burgundy, navy and teal, forest green and gold - dramatic, beautiful colors are stealing the show. 

 Photo: Celladora Photography

Photo: Celladora Photography


Taking over for gold, copper is the metallic of choice.  From cups to votive holders to lanterns, copper is shining.  

 Photo: Ryan Tolbert

Photo: Ryan Tolbert

The Wreath:

No longer just for Christmas, the wreath is a beautiful accent.  From wild and green to a mass of flowers, there is no wrong way to incorporate they beautiful 

 Photo: Justin Wright

Photo: Justin Wright

5 Royal Wedding traditions to include in your Wedding

5 Royal Wedding Traditionsto includein your wedding (1).jpg

1.       The bride carries myrtle in her bouquet, and the bouquet is usually all white.  This tradition was started by Queen Victoria’s daughter when a sprig of myrtle was cut from the Queen’s special plant.  An additional myrtle plant was started by Queen Elizabeth that royal brides also use.

Instead of a bridal toss, royal brides leave their bouquet at the grave of the Unknown Warrior.

2.       The Wedding Breakfast.   Royal weddings take place around noon and there is a meal that follows called the “wedding breakfast.”  A reception is held later that evening with food and dancing.  This menu from Will and Cate’s wedding breakfast shows their locally sourced food including salmon, lamb, asparagus, and honey ice cream. 

3.       The bride always wears a tiara.  One perk of being a royal is access to the jewelry.  In addition to the royal jewels, the Queen and many royals have private collections with stunning tiaras that are loaned out to the family.  Every bride from Queen Elizabeth to Duchess Catherine and many other royals have all worn a tiara on their wedding day.

4.       The wedding dress typically includes lace.   Additionally, each dress has personalized embroidery.  Queen Elizabeth’s dress included flowers to represent new life after WWII.  Duchess Catherine’s dress included roses, thistles, shamrocks and daffodils to represent England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

Did you know that the tradition of wearing white at your wedding started with Queen Victoria in 1840?

5.       The wedding cake is always “fruitcake,” a special cake made with dried fruits and iced in white.  After the wedding, the very large cake is cut into pieces and a piece is mailed to each guest as a Thank-You.  The rest of the cake is donated to charity or auctioned off to raise money.   This tradition was started by Queen Elizabeth when she donated her cake to school children in post-wartime England.