Pantone 2016 Colors

The top ten Pantone colors for 2016 have been chosen.  For this year for the first time, there is also, not one, but two colors of the year - Rose Quartz and Serenity. 

Here are the top ten colors:

1. Peach Echo - a warm and fun color with orange undertones

2. Limpet Shell - a crisp, cool blue reminiscent of the ocean

3. Green Flash - fresh and springy like newly cut grass

4. Rose Quartz - Color of the Year - The soft and gentle color evokes a spring blossom and romance. 

5. Serenity - Color of the Year - As the name implies, this color makes us think of a natural inspired calm. 

6. Snorkel Blue - a bold, energetic color that provides a large pop of color. 

7. Buttercup - this color reminds me of a warm, summery day

8. Fiesta - a warm, fiery red that is a bold touch

9. Iced Coffee - an earthy, natural inspired neutral

10. Lilac Gray - a lovely gray with lilac undertones.