{My Story}

When I was a very little girl, my favorite pastime was to play tea party.  As the only granddaughter, I had them wrapped around my little finger.  They would help me pull out the good china; the ones with the elegant blue flowers that they received for their wedding.  I would spread out the lace tablecloth and then carefully set it all out on the coffee table, folding the napkins just so and making sure each fork and knife was right.  After picking a few flowers from her garden, my grandmother would arrange the stems into a glass bowl.  

If I was really good (and begged a little bit), they would open my grandmother’s hope chest.  Every time the lid opened, I would discover new treasures and mementos nestled inside.  My granddad would pull out the photo albums and I would sit on his knee while he told me about their wedding.  He would point out people in the photos and tell me details.  On a few occasions, my grandmother would pull out her wedding dress.  Not an ornate, beaded dress, but a simple, graceful gown befitting the era of a country about to go to war.  She told me the story of collecting the fabric from the parachute factory where she worked and how she and her sisters handmade all the dresses.  

My grandparents were married for 65 years.  I still have the china, the wedding dress, the photo albums and the hope chest.  But it was that fleeting time with them that shaped and created who I am today.  Sitting on my granddad’s knee taught me the value of tradition and the importance of creating a story.  My grandmother’s hands helping to lay out the china and cut the flowers showed me what grace and hospitality look like in any setting.  

{What I Do}

I create magic.  Well, I believe that magic exists if we create it. When I see my brides face when all the details come together, that is magic!  And I love that I get to help create it.  

To make that happen, you have to have a great team, more than just any one vendor.  I believe in personalized creativity, bespoke inspiration and making your wedding radiate your personality. 

{What makes my Clients Special}

I am blessed to have worked with some wonderful couples. They are fun and creative and authentic.  

 My couples: 
Are full of personality & life and have a great sense of humor
Want an intimate, authentic ceremony
Don't take themselves (or weddings) too seriously
Are easygoing and laid back
Aren't afraid to get their hands dirty
Love good food
Want someone to help them enjoy the process
May want a smaller gathering
Want their friends and family to have a great time
Love to travel
Love sharing stories and laughing over coffee or tea (or ice cream). 

I specialize in working with couples who want to tell their story, their way.  
wrangling a chicken during a styled shoot

wrangling a chicken during a styled shoot

{Who I Am}

Time is too valuable to work with people who don't value what you offer or don't enjoy the process. I believe that is as true for you as it is for me.  

I am - Friendly, Honest, Genuine, Vibrant, Grateful, Down to Earth, Humble, Practical, and Love to laugh

{Why I do This}

Because I love what I do.  I love seeing all the elements come together - the linens, the flowers, the music, the special moments happening everyday.  I love allowing couples to be relaxed on their wedding day.  

And if you don't love what you do, you shouldn't do it at all. 



I help busy couples tell their unique story with a relaxed, simple process that creates authentic, happy gatherings.

~ Elaine Roberts