Pantone 2017 Colors

Here they are....the top colors for 2017. 

With a sense of earthiness and the great outdoors, these colors are both calming and vibrant. 

Greenery - The color of the year - Is about growth and reinventing ourselves.  It is both fresh and simple. 

Hazelnut - This shade is neutral and warm.  It is at home in all seasons. 

Island Paradise -  A calming blue that brings to mind beaches and vacations. 

Primrose Yellow - Such a happy color that reminds us of sunlight and buttercups. 

Pale Dogwood - This soft shade is romantic, light and airy. 

Flame - This warm shade is vibrant and energizing.  

Niagara - This shade of blue is comfortable and welcoming.

Kale - Such an earthy, natural color that brings to mind foliage and the outdoors

Lapis - This blue is bold and versatile.  It can be formal or whimsical. 

Pink Yarrow - With vibrant attraction, this color is uplifting and festive.