Fall Wedding - Muted Pastel Colors

Most fall weddings use colors inspired by nature - red, orange, gold, and browns.  However, you can create a beautiful fall wedding using pastel colors.  The trick is to use soft, muddy, muted, faded colors instead of bright spring-like or "Easter egg" colors.

(Madie Flourney Photography)

(Madie Flourney Photography)

Using darker colors such as brown, gray and black will keep a fall feel, while softer colors make a fabulous contrast.

Pastel shades lend themselves to a softer vintage style wedding as well as natural elements.

Using darker vases and elements can keep centerpieces from feeling too light. 

The tangerine color of summer fades into a beautiful antique color of orange, gold, and copper. You can still use traditional fall motifs such as leaves and pumpkins. Choose them in more faded pastel colors or as dark accent pieces such as black pumpkins.