Pantone 2015 Colors

Pantone has once again released their top colors for the upcoming year, based on runway fashions, designers and sketches.  

Two things jump out to me immediately.  First, the overall color palette is muted and subtle with large hints of natural inspiration.  Second, blues and greens are taking center stage.   Some of these colors have been popular in previous years (hello again tangerine).

Here is the list:

Glacier Gray - This neutral color is a perfect partner to almost every other shade
Classic Blue - Timeless beauty is reflected through this vibrant color
Marsala - This color is warm without being bold while still keeping earthy roots
Custard - This mellow color remains subtle and relaxed while adding warmth
Lucite Green - This blue/green shade is both fresh and nostalgic
Tangerine - This bright color is sunny and brings a smile to your face
Strawberry Ice - This color is like a charming dessert that speaks of youth and renewal
Toasted Almond - Earthy and all natural, this neutral color provides balance
Scuba Blue - This eye catching color bring energy and excitement
Aquamarine - With a soothing feel, this color reminds of both the sky and the sea