6 Color Palettes for a Stunning Wedding

6 Color palettes for a stunning wedding.  Color schemes that fit the style and location of your event. 

A beautiful color palette can make a wedding cohesive, stylish, and memorable.   Here are 6 color combinations to create your vision. 


Artisan - Karry, Malta, Soft Amber.  This combination creates a soft, relaxed atmosphere with the warmth of the soft pink and the neutral browns.  


Summer - Watermelon, Fog, Apricot. The heat of summer, ripe fruit and soft skies are elements of this color scheme.  Your guests will love the bright and happy colors. 


Modern - Cloud, Greenery, Rock Blue.  Clean and contrasting, this palette feels fresh and modern.  The shades cool undertones make is crisp and organic. 


Beachy - Thistle, Spray, Sandal.  The sound of waves and the feel of the sand.  Fun and breezy, this palette is casual and relaxed.  


Boho - Moss, Sangria, Carmine.  For the bride who wants bold and bohemian, this rich color palette is perfect for a free-spirited, woodland gathering. 


Classic - Madison, Fringy Flower, Splash.  Traditional and classic, these colors are still charming and inviting.  The dark blue paired with the lighter shade keeps the palette from feeling too formal. 

Six color palettes for a personalized, stunning wedding.   Artisan muted color scheme. Summer bright and fun.  Modern green and blue combination. Beachy aqua and purple style.  Bohemian style with rich colors of reds.  Classic timeless blues.