Pantone 2018 Colors

Pantone has released their color of the year and the top 12 colors. 

The color of the year is Ultra Violet.  Inspired by the dark, night sky, this color makes us think of limitless possibilities, artistic expression and new creativity.   Purple is both mystical and intriguing. 


The top 12 colors from Pantone are fun, fresh, and uplifting.  Most of the colors are bold. 

Meadowlark -  This color is bright and uplifting.   It is perfect for spring. 

Pink Lavender - This calm shade is romantic and warm. 

Arcadia - Fun and vintage,  this cool shade inspires fun. 

Blooming Dahlia - This shade brings to mind soft, summer blooms.

Cherry Tomato - Bold and hot, this color is spicy and energetic. 

Emperador -  Warm and foundational, this color is perfect to add complement.

Little Boy Blue - Bringing to mind clear summer skies, this shade is endless and inspiring

Spring Crocus -  This shade is charming and uplifting

Ultra Violet - The color of the year in magical and distinctive

Almost Mauve -  Soft and delicate, this shade is almost ethereal

Lime Punch -  Bold and vibrant, this color reminds us of summer

Chili Oil - This warm and earthy shade adds balance and depth