Tablescape: Holiday Table Inspiration

The holidays bring cheer and joy.  They also bring lots of parties, decorating, and gatherings to host.   Here are four simple tablescapes that you can create, recreate, or re-purpose with collected decor pieces. 

Tablescape 1 - Lush and Colorful

With lots of greenery to create a lush centerpiece, the flowers add color and fun.  You can change the feel by swapping these lighter colors with dark moody reds, bright oranges, classic whites, or soft yellows.

pink and blush lush centerpiece tablecape.jpg
centerpiece dahlia roses eucalyptus.jpg


Tablescape 2 - Fall Inspired

White pumpkins are both classic fall while also being modern.  Combined with magnolia leaves and wood details, this feels welcoming and homey.  Handwritten names on the leaves makes a thoughtful touch for guests. 

tablescape white pumpkin and magnolia leaves.jpg
handwritten leaf Estelle.jpg
handwritten leaf Finn.jpg
magnolia leaves roses pumpkin.jpg


Tablescape 3 - Simple and Minimal

If you like your table to be minimal, then the combination of lanterns and greenery create a clean but not stark atmosphere.  A simple rose tucked into each place setting elevates the setting. 

lantern magnolia leaves rose tablescape.jpg
rose place setting.jpg

Tablescape 4 - Classic

A centerpiece of blush and pink roses is festive.  Using monochromatic or similar shades of flowers, keeps the arrangement classic and traditional.   White roses would be elegant; red flowers are dramatic and very appropriate for the holidays.

pink and blush roses tablescape.jpg
pink blush garden roses.jpg

3 Recipes for National Lemonade Day

What is a summer gathering without a great glass of lemonade?  

In honor of National Lemonade Day, here are 3 great recipes to try for your next event.  

Classic Lemonade

  • 1 cup lemon juice

  • 6 1/2 cups water

  • 1 cup sugar

Mix together and serve over ice


Mint Tea Lemonade

  • 3 pints of water

  • 1 handful of mint leaves

  • 3oz frozen lemonade

  • sugar

Bring water to a boil.  Add a handful of mint tea. Simmer for 5 minutes.  Strain.  Add the frozen lemonade and sugar to taste.


Lavender Lemonade

  • 6 cups water

  • 1 cup honey

  • 2 Tbsp dried lavender

  • 1 cup lemon juice

Bring 1/2 water and honey to a boil.  Remove from heat.  Add lavender and steep for 30 minutes.  Strain. Add lemon juice and remaining water. 

Simple Holiday Greenery Centerpiece

Creating a holiday centerpiece can be simple with items that you already have and some natural elements.

I started with some wooden pieces with the lantern and wooden ball decor.  You could use any complementary pieces such as mercury glass or a collection of clear vases and bowls.  I chose silver accents both on the lanterns and the candle holder.  Gold, copper, and bronze also work well for holidays.  For this display, I used only greenery because it holds up well without water. You could add a small bowl of white flowers. Pinecones in a glass cube completed the details; cranberries, acorns or ornaments are also very pretty.   A linen table runner or silk ribbon would also make an elegant addition.