14 Little Factors that could Affect your Wedding Budget

1.      Extra guests - If your mom and his mom start inviting all of their friends and extended cousins, you guest list will skyrocket and so will your budget.  Don’t invite anyone (even casually) until you have talked about your budget and the number of guests you can invite.  Each guest can add $200 - $300 for an average wedding budget.

2.      Favors – It can be really easy to spend a few hundred dollars that you don’t have on those awesome favors your saw.  One way to save is to have favors double as escort cards, table numbers or another item.  Expect favors to cost $2 - $5 each.

3.      Alterations – Making that gorgeous wedding dress fit you perfectly will add a few hundred dollars to your bill.  

4.      Accessories – Don’t forget shoes, jewelry, a veil or hair piece, and undergarments when budget for attire.  Also, don’t forget shoes, cuff links, and a tie for the groom.

5.      Delivery fees – Getting all those gorgeous flowers, rentals, decor, cake, lighting and other items require a delivery fee.  Each of these deliveries will add $25 - $75 dollars each to your budget. 

6.      Taxes – Along with delivery fees, most every item will be charged tax (depending on your state).  Make sure to include that 5-10%  in your total budget.

7.      Gratuity – If your vendors and staff work hard, you should tip them to say Thank You.  However, that cost isn’t included in most contracts; it is additional.   See my Tipping Guide for how much to tip each vendor.

8.      Parties – All the engagement, bridal, bachelorette and other parties can add expenses around the same time as your wedding.  Whether it is a new dress, transportation or a hotel room, these little costs can add up.

9.      Postage – Those fabulous invitation you fell in love with, weigh and measure them carefully.   If they are square or weigh more than an once, you will need additional postage, not counting the RSVP card postage.  Also, be sure to budget postage for save the dates and thank you cards.   Postage can easily cost $1.00 per invite including RSVP postage.

10.   Lodging – Unless you are getting ready at home, you will need a hotel room the night before the wedding as well as the night of the wedding. 

11.   Vendor meals – While you don’t need to feed all of your vendors, your photographer, videographer, DJ or band, and wedding planner will be with you for 6 – 12 hours.  You want to keep them fed and happy so they can do their job well.

12.   Cake cutting fee – Some venues or caterers charge a cake cutting fee.  Even if they don’t be sure to include extra plates and fork to your rental order.

13.   Marriage License – This small but vital document can add $50 - $100 to your budget. 

14.   Bridal party gifts – Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are some of the most important people at your wedding.  So most couples give them a lovely momento or gift to say Thank You.  Expect an additional $50 per person.