The History of Wedding Cake

In days gone by wedding cakes were very symbolic. Nowadays they are mostly decorative and there to tantalise the taste buds of the guests and bridal party. However, in some cultures the symbolism of the wedding cakes is still as strong as ever.  In China brides have a huge layered cake which is known as lapis Surabaya. The layers are said to symbolise a success ladder for the happy couple. They cut the bottom layer first and feed the slices to their in-laws. In the Caribbean guests pay to look at the wedding cake which is concealed under a piece of cloth. Foliage is placed on top of the cake as a symbol of the continued growth of love between the newlyweds. In Norway the cake is more like bread and in Iceland it is a collection of pastries. The cutting of the wedding cake is one of the first tasks that the bride and groom undertake together as a married couple. It is hoped that the unity that they share in that moment will continue throughout their life together! For more check out our infographic!

Vicky works alonsgide Fiona Cairns Wedding Cakes. For her wedding she had a three tiered wedding cake decorated with purple ribbon and a lovely sprig of flowers! She loves to write wedding themed articles.