What happens if something goes wrong at the wedding?

When planning her wedding, most brides think of the dress, the cake, the details and how much fun it will be.  They rarely think of what happens if something goes wrong.

Truthfully, no wedding ever goes exactly as planned, but most of these are little issues that are easily fixed such as a boutonniere needing repaired or the flowergirl not wanting to walk down the aisle.  These are things that only you and the wedding planner will notice.  Sometimes there are more obvious problems such as a circuit breaker flips or a light bulb goes out.  Usually the venue or vendors can fix these problems.

Then, there are the truly big problems, a vendor goes out of business or doesn't show up, extreme weather shuts down the venue, or unexpected illness.  Sometimes vendors make mistakes; they are human.  Other things are completely out of our control.

If you are unhappy with something at your wedding, talk to the right vendor.  Complaining to the wedding planner about the cake won't fix the problem. While a wedding planner helps to direct and facilitate your wedding day, we are not responsible for the services and actions of the other vendors. Decide if a product or service that maybe cost $500 is worth the aggravation and potential lawyer fees to remedy it. If you are unhappy with a vendor, talk to them. Ask them what they can do to make it better; it may not be your preferred solution but it might be an acceptable alternative. Decide how important this really is in the big picture of the wedding.

Ways to avoid being unhappy with vendors:

1. Talk to your wedding planner.  While your planner may not have worked with every vendor in your city, they are usually connected to a network of wedding professionals who can give unbiased opinions about vendors.

2. Look for reviews online.  Common places are bbb.org, Wedding Wire  and Yelp.com.  Just remember that not every review is legitimate; sometimes brides have unrealistic expectations which will impact their feelings about a vendor.

3. Get a written contract from every vendor that includes signatures and information about cancellations and payments.

4. Purchase wedding insurance from a company such as WedSafe . This can include liability due to alcohol and cover you for missing vendors.

Life requires flexibility. Remember the important things is to celebrate your special day together and that the majority of weddings occur with very few issues.