The Language of Flowers

In Victorian times, communicating through flowers allowed individuals to express feelings.  These were commonly used in Tussie-Mussies, small bouquets of mixed flowers.  .  Some of the meanings might surprise brides who now choose flowers based on colors or appearance instead of meaning.

Belles Fleurs

Baby's breath - innocence
Bells of Ireland - luck
Cabbage - Profit
Calla Lilly - modesty
Carnation, Red - deep love
Carnation, Striped - refusal
Chrysanthemum - truth
Daisy - gentleness
Dahlia - elegance
Dandelion - flirting
Forget-me-nots - true love
Gardenia - ecstasy
Hydrangea - heartlessness
Iris - good news or message
Lily - purity
Lily of the Valley - return of happiness
Orchid - refined beauty
Peony - shame or bashful
Ranunculus - radiant with charm
Rose, Pink - grace
Rose, Red  - everlasting love
Sunflower - lofty thoughts
Tulip - declaration of love

Import flowers

These are just a few of the common flowers and their meanings.  Find more flower meanings.  Next time you select flowers for a bouquet whether for a wedding or just your table at home, think about their meaning and the message you are sending to others.