Determining your wedding style - Part 2

Now that we have worked on some of the overall details and the ceremony; it is time to focus on the reception.  The reception takes both the largest amount of time the day of your wedding as well as the largest amount of money.

We already looked at picking the overall feel for your wedding.  Thinking about that decision, picture your reception location.
  • Hotel - Modern
  • Hotel - Historic
  • Banquet hall
  • Private Home/ Backyard
  • Tented/Outdoors
  • Country club
  • Barn/Rustic
  • Historic venue/Plantation
  • Offbeat venue - art gallery, museum, etc

Food plays an important part of the reception.  Not just what is served but how the food is served impacts your wedding. Which style fits your wedding?
  • Heavy appetizers
  • Full buffet
  • Served sit down meal
  • Food stations
  • Casual buffet/picnic

How much of an impact with the flowers and decorations make at the reception? (You may choose more than one)

  • Smaller vases of flowers with votives
  • Centerpieces that are large and detailed
  • Unique centerpieces that are personal to you and the groom - stacks of books, travel landmarks, etc
  • Tables have alternating but balancing centerpieces
  • Details on guest and favor table that complement the wedding theme
  • Lighting around the room

Hopefully these questions and lists have helped you narrow down your wedding vision to a style that reflects your personality as a couple.