Groom's Cake Stand In - Eight Great Choices

If you go to any wedding, there is usually an abundance of cake - beautiful, whimsical, elegant, colorful, detailed - cake. Groom's cake can be unique  - cowboy hats, life preserver, Stratocaster guitar, blackjack table - I've seen lot of interesting cakes.  But it's still cake.  

There are so many other options that are equally delicious and more representative of your character.

1. Candy buffet - Enough said.  You've seen them in the range of flavors and colors.

2. Cake buffet - Instead of one cake, let guests choose from a dozen tempting choices. 

3. Pie - Great for a backyard or relaxed reception.  The hardest part may be limiting the flavors - apple, peach, chess, chocolate......

4. Dessert and Milk - Who can resist dessert and milk shooters? 

5. Ice cream cake - For a truly memorable dessert option, get a customized ice cream cake timed to be served after the cake cutting.

6. Cookie buffet - Everyone's childhood dessert favorite.  Lay out a buffet of delicious cookies and goody bags to take some home.

7. Chocolate truffles - No matter how you choose to present them, these are a great choice for a groom's dessert or a favor. 


Family Recipe - Does everyone have fond memories of grandma's special pumpkin bread or Aunt Suzie's dessert custard?  Handed down family recipe's can be worked into weddings.  Some bakers will be glad to use a family recipe as long as they receive it with plenty of advance time. 

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Kate Murphy