Staying Organized with Evernote - Start the New Year Right

Just like most brides, wedding planners have to stay very organized.  It can be very difficult when inspiration strikes while walking around shopping or sitting in traffic.  It isn't always practical to walk around with a folder of notes and photos either.

Now a great solution -


.  After reading people rave about it on Twitter, I decided to give it a try.  I already love how organized it makes things.

First, Evernote is a free application.  Second, it has applications for desktop, web browser and mobile and they all sync together.

I use it to keep track of wedding trends and great ideas for my blog, as well as notes from brides.  You can jot down a note on your phone and then add onto later sitting at your computer.  With the web browser app, you can click one button and save the website you are reading.  Or just select the text and photos you want and save them for later, like when you are shopping and trying to remember which way that dress looked online.  Simply look up your notes on your phone.  Its a pretty smart application.

You can edit and delete notes just like any document.  You can also print and email from inside the app as well.

This is screenshot from my desktop app while making notes for new blog posts.

You can organize the notes inside of notebooks as well as add tags.  There is also a search function to help you find specific notes or topics.  The best part is that Evernote can recognize text within images as well as handwriting.  Want to keep track of your vendors, take photos or scan their business cards.  

You can also record audio notes and use the draw function to sketch. You are given a custom email address so that you can email things directly into your Evernote account, such as the floor plan from the lighting company or the rental list.

Brides, use this great resource to keep your wedding information organized and easily accessible.  Visit Evernote