Happy Holidays...And The After Christmas Sale

Merry Christmas to all brides, recently married, just engaged or celebrating 50 years of happiness.  The holiday season is a great time filled with friends, family, happiness and goodwill.

For many brides planning their wedding, this is also a GREAT time to grab some bargains.  Almost every retailer has an after Christmas sale to mark-down holiday merchandise.  So stock up on ribbon, candles, electric candles, white lights, and so much more.  In addition to decor, some brides have confessed that they purchased cases of wine glasses, dishes, linens and so much more.  These are things they could not have afforded if not for this sale.

Beyond the traditional red and green, most items can be found in white, silver or gold or with gold or silver trim.  These are colors that can be easily incorporated into all weddings.  Some stores also offer decorations in pinks, blues, purples, etc - colors that can work for a lot of weddings.  Think large vases filled with pink or purple ornaments.

For the DIY bride, many craft supplies go on sale during this time as well.

Also think outside the box.  All those packaged gift sets of lotion, perfume and toiletries, can be repacked into nice guest baskets for the bathrooms.

If your wedding isn't too far after Christmas, all those chocolates and truffles can make nice favors or be used in hotel welcome bags for guests.  Also keep in mind the rehearsal dinner and other parties.

Happy Shopping