Who do I Tip?

This is one of the questions brides often ask. For this party (your wedding celebration) there are many people involved in providing service to you and your guests. You may not have much experience in working with some of them, but feel fairly comfortable dealing with others. BRIDE’S magazine offers the following guidelines – understanding that local customs may trump these suggestions. But it is important to consider these expenses when putting together your budget. Remember to check your contracts to see if gratuity is already included.

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Caterer or venue manager – 15% of total food and drink bill unless it is already included in the contract.

Reception Musicians or DJ’s - $25 - $50 each

Limo Drivers - 15% of the total bill

Hair & Makeup – 15% of the total bill

Delivery Staff (optional) - $10 - $20

Clergy - $50 - $200 donation (depending on arrangements/payments made)

Custom says that you don’t have to tip the following however you may wish to tip or give a gift: Florist, Photographer, Videographer, Baker, Stationer,