Children at Your Wedding

While some brides prefer an adult only reception, other brides want to include children at their wedding ceremony and reception as guest. If that if true for you, know that children can add an extra dimension to the festivities and can be a delight if you make plans to incorporate their interests.  You will be inviting chaos if you expect children to behave like adults. 

If you are planning to include children at your reception, be sure to let the parents know that children are invited and to do so, include their names on the inner envelopes of the invitation. In fact, some brides send a special reception invitation to children.

To entertain the children, set up a special reception area. Include an arts and a crafts room with crayons, markers, glitter and glue. Be sure to provide smocks or aprons to protect their clothing and hire a college student or young adult to supervise the activities. They could/should make cards for the bride and groom. 

Plan a box lunch menu or a kid friendly buffet. Suckers, anchored with pebbles in terra cotta pots, make good centerpieces.

After the craft project and the food, provide a TV with age appropriate videos or if space permits, take the children outside to play with bubbles or other outdoor activities.  Parents may wish to include their children in a portion of the wedding dance segment. If this is an evening wedding with a dance, you may also wish to be sure the children's area has cots or sleeping bags available for children who may be there through the evening hours.

Children can have a good time and free their parents to participate if you spend some time creating a special area and activities especially for them.

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