6 Gift Box Ideas for Your Bridal Party

Curated gift boxes for your bridal party.  Gift boxes you can buy or DIY. 

Bridal party gifts are a must-do for any wedding.

Why? Because your friends are giving of their time and money (upwards of $500 and more if they are traveling!) to help make your big day one of the best of your life.

So what are brides doing these days for gifts? Themed boxes!  A themes box is a notch above the standard “just enough to get by” gift and can be customized the match each person.   There are options for both guys and girls. Throw in a customized or monogrammed piece with the box makes it feel very personal and well thought out, so you can’t go wrong.  Don't be afraid to mix and match to each person's personal taste!

Here are options to create a DIY gift box.  Need something simpler?  Curated gift box ideas are included to make gift giving quick and easy. 

Spa Box

Ahh...what girl doesn’t love a day at the spa? And after your ladies have worked so hard for you, this would be a great way to unwind after the festivities have ended.

What to include:

  • Giftcard to a local spa
  • Salon quality nail polish in her favorite color
  • Facial mask
  • Body Butter or lotion
  • Monogrammed silk robe (that they can also wear while getting ready for the wedding!)

Haute Hope has a sweet dreams box to help you relax. 

Wine Box

Again, think relaxation! This could be great for the person that enjoy a quiet sip with dinner or while enjoying their favorite movie.

What to include:

  • Bottle of wine from a local winery
  • Customized bottle opener
  • Monogrammed wine glass
  • Monogrammed silk robe
  • Box of gourmet chocolates

Simone LeBlanc has a stunning celebration gift box. 

Coffee Box

We all love coffee, right? For the coffee aficionado, this box would be perfect.

    What to include:

    • Monogrammed mug
    • Favorite bag of gourmet coffee
    • Giftcard to local coffee shop (or one of the big companies if she doesn’t live nearby)
    • Gourmet box of chocolates
    • Gourmet flavored syrup

    Marigold & Grey has a box for your friends who need a cup (or three) to get started in the morning. 

    Beach Box

    Destination wedding? Summertime wedding? Or just like the beach and the pool? This box is for you!

    What to include:

    • Package goodies in a specially made beach bag
    • Monogrammed sunglasses
    • Matching flip-flops
    • Beach towel
    • Monogrammed water bottle


      Need something for everyone?  Box Fox offers a gift box for the chef in your life. 

      Jewelry Box

      This can be a great mutli-use gift if they can wear this jewelry for the wedding and on an everyday basis. Make sure each piece you get is something pretty and practical. Matches their bridesmaid dress, but can be worn again and again.

      What to include:

      • Customized jewelry box to house the accessories
      • Necklace
      • Customized bracelet
      • Headband or hair accessory
      • Matching earrings

      Aster Market has a blush gift box for the glamorous girl

      Makeup Box

      Like the jewelry gift, this can be great if the colors are neutral and wearable everyday yet compliment their wedding day look. Avoid foundation, powders, and blushes, as these are normally hard to buy for someone else.

      What to include:

      • Load makeup in a personalized cosmetics bag
      • Complementary eye shadow
      • Great quality mascara 
      • Face highlighter
      • Neutral lip gloss

      Want something just for they guys?  Gratitude Collaborative offers a crate just for the dudes as well as many other options.  The best part is that each purchase helps to give back. 




      If  you need more options, Batch offer an amazing collection of curated, local goods and foods, many of them from Nashville artisans.  

      The possibilities are endless for you to give your bridal party a unique and personalized gift.  


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