2016 Wedding Trends - Part 2

In continuing from wedding trends of 2016, we will look more into the details of the bride and groom. The stars of the show are embracing the natural look that sets the earthy mood for this years’ best ceremonies.


When deciding what dress to go with and what will awe the crowd this wedding season, these are the most popular choices:
-Long Sleeve

With all three styles, the fabrics are becoming thinner and more wispy. Structured bodices, laced up corsets, and stiff skirts are being replaced with lightweight, flowing fabrics. The look is about cotton, lace, and linen. To the joy of some brides, halter style dresses are fading out, and long draping sleeves are taking their place. This look is obviously great for spring and fall, but can be a classy choice any time of the year. Overall the look is vintage, innocent, and beautiful.


Picking a hairstyle may be one of the most important choices a bride can make. While she should always pick something that she’s comfortable with and that’s most flattering to her,  the trending choices highlight the natural and simple.

-Loose up-dos
-Floral crowns and accents

A style that accentuates the bride's’ natural beauty is the way to go. Whether she wears it down with natural waves and a floral crown, pulled up into a loose bun, or into a side braid, she can’t go wrong. Slicked back do’s and perfectly coiffed looks just can’t compete with these fresh, organic looks.  

The Mister

The guys often get left out, but men’s trends change too! What can you expect to see out there for your groom this year?

-Less formal attire
-Expressive footwear
-Natural hair

Men don’t have the excitement of new hairstyles and makeup like the ladies do, so changing their look isn’t quite as easy. Combine that with one basic uniform for dressy attire, and the guys have gotten a little bored. But no more! Like the girls, men’s wedding day look has become more comfortable. Long gone is the day of the tux and stiff shoes! Trending now are twill vests, cotton button up shirts, jeans, or maybe a lightweight suit and bow tie. In an effort to stand out and be more expressive, guys are donning their favorite shoes (sometimes even Converse or Sperry’s) and fun socks. And no need for a fresh hair cut and shave. Just like his lovely bride, natural hair is the way to go. In addition, he can sport his sexy stubble, no questions asked.

Its safe to say that weddings of 2016 will be full of beautiful, vintage touches that connect the guests with nature. It refreshing to see the changes in trends shift to soft and fun and away from stiff and serious!