2016 Wedding Trends - Part 1

When planning your wedding, you can always have a top down approach. Start with the big picture, and filter your way down through the details.  As you are starting the process of making your big day picture perfect, here are the trends you can expect to see in 2016-2017.


Weddings this year can be summed up in 3 words:

Have you always dreamed of saying your vows under magical twinkling lights in a candlelight wood? Right now, you would be ahead of the curve in wedding trends. 

Natural flowers and greenery are replacing rustic burlap and barnwood for a refreshing boost of color and simplistic beauty. 


Three of the most popular color duos this season are:
-Lavender and Green
-Navy and Blush
-Rose Quartz and Ivory

Imagine that same romantic woodsy ceremony where the only colors you could use must be found right there naturally. 

That’s exactly what current color palettes are doing. Simply highlighting the colors of nature and bringing them to the forefront. 

In addition to any of these duos, a highlighting color like gold and low lighting earth tones will awe your guests. 



When planning your cake, here are three fashionable ideas to keep in mind:
-Decorated with fresh flowers and glossy greenery
-Dessert table

In keeping with the fresh organic look of weddings today, thick icings are going out of style, and cakes with no icing at all are becoming a statement piece of any reception. 

Fresh flowers are always timeless decorations and are modernized with fresh greenery as an accent. But if you desire a simpler look, you can leave the flowers off and opt just for glossy leaves. 

Maybe you just don’t care for cake? Maybe you want a wider variety of choices for your guests? This season, lots of brides are choosing full dessert tables with a variety of sweets. Also trending: Macarons in your wedding colors. 

In Part 2 of this post you can expect to see what’s up and coming in the way of dresses and hair as well as a feature on what’s current for the future Mister. 

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