11 wedding mistakes you don’t know you’re making

I thought I would share a little wedding planning advice for both brides and grooms.  It can be very easy to get caught up in wedding planning and make these mistakes. While some may seem like common sense, I still see brides making them all the time. 

1.      Trying to tackle too much DIY.  I am not only talking about DIY projects but also about not delegating tasks.  I know that Pinterest is filled with amazing crafts you can create for your wedding. But, you can truly overdo it with to-dos, projects, tasks and details.  Choose 1 or 2 tasks that are important to you, delegate what you can and skip the rest.    Don’t make these DIY mistakes

2.      Thinking your friends and family will be glad to do everything.  While your friends and family will offer to help with the wedding, don’t abuse that offer.   Folding 75 programs is fine; folding 200 origami cranes is not.  The same is true on your wedding day.  Your friends and family will want to celebrate with you not spend 4 hours setting up and 2 hours cleaning up afterwards.   And while your mom may have been an enormous help during planning, she probably doesn’t want to handle things on the day of the wedding. 

3.      Hiring a wedding planner or coordinator too late.  If you know you want to hire a planner or coordinator, do it as soon as possible.  Planners can help guide you in the best resources for your budget before you actually spend any of it.   They can also advice you when you may be making a bad choice.  Use their experience; this is one of the advantages of hiring a wedding planner.   If you only want a hire a wedding coordinator, you should book them early too.  Trying to find someone available 4 weeks before your wedding isn't the best idea; it adds unneeded stress and gives you fewer options.  I can’t tell you how many inquiries I get less than a month before the wedding date.  Since the price doesn't change for coordination, do it early and enjoy the extra peace of mind.

4.      Not doing a trial hair and makeup.  Want to know if that perfect hairstyle can stand up to southern humidity or 3 hours of dancing?  Do a trial.  The same for your makeup.  You will know how it feels and how well it lasts avoiding wedding day issues.

5.      Worrying that someone else will copy your wedding ideas.  They probably already have.  Although, they didn’t steal it; they found it on Pinterest just like you did.  Most wedding ideas are not completely new.  No two weddings are ever identical even if they have a few similar details.  If you are really concerned then don’t share your Pinterest board or wedding details with anyone but close friends and wedding professionals. 

6.      Not planning the guest list.  The mistake is in choosing the venue or planning other large details before discussing the guest count.  I have seen weddings guest lists double once the families start adding people.  Have that discussion early before signing any contracts.  If you have to change venues later or (forbid) uninvite people to your wedding, you will have created some large headaches for everyone involved.

7.      Going on an extreme diet.  Almost every bride starts watching what she eats and working out more so that she can look amazing for your special day.  However, sometimes brides lose too much weight and there isn’t time to have the gown altered properly.  Buy your dress at the size you are now and stay away from crazy diet fads.

8.      Not trusting your vendors.  You have chosen great wedding professionals so trust them to do their job.   Don’t hire a florist whose work is all natural with lots of greenery and then expect structured centerpieces with no greenery.  Choose vendors who fit your style and then trust their creative genius to give you a unique event. 

9.      Not paying attention to your guests.  While every wedding detail is important to you, your guests probably won’t remember most of them.  They will remember the experience.  Communicate to your guests if the wedding is outdoors.  Watch the weather and offer extra drinks if it is extremely hot.  Make sure you provide plenty of seating for older guests. The more comfortable your guests are; they more they will appreciate and remember your wedding.  Keep your guests informed

10.   Not having enough time to eat.  This is one of the big things that I always talk to my brides and grooms about.  Take time to eat before the wedding.  Then once you arrive at the reception, I will make sure that your plates are filled so you can take a few minutes to eat.  After taking all the months of planning for the perfect menu and fabulous cake, be sure to enjoy it.  Even if it is just 15 minutes, take the time to sit down and eat. 

11. Trying to control everything.  While there are a lot of decisions to be made and details to be managed, don’t micromanage your friends, family or vendors.   Some of the happiest brides are the ones who just let everything go and truly live in the moment during their wedding.  Trying to control things like weather or traffic will just make you unhappy and you will lose focus on what is really important. 


These are just a few of the mistakes that I see brides and grooms making.  If you want to have someone helping you avoid these, contact me for a consultation