Styling a party or social event

Are you planning a small dinner party or family get together at home?  Here are some simple ideas for design and decorating.  

No matter what you are serving, presentation is important.  If food looks appealing and attractive, then your guests will naturally think it is better. 

Choose your colors:

To create a smooth and pleasing appearance, choose two main colors for your party (white doesn't count).  When buying items choose one of these two main shades.  

Use these same colors or different shades for the plates and napkins as well to make everything look seamless.


When creating a food buffet: 

Instead of laying everything of the table at one level, stagger the heights. This is very easy to do with things you already have.  Pick one or all.

  • Please some empty votive holders or vases under a tray and then place food on top.
  • Flip a cake pan upside down and cover it with some fabric napkins. Use this to hold a bowl or another tray.
  • Use pretty flower pots to create height. You could also use jars wrapped in holiday wrapping paper or fabric.  (Wrapping paper makes a fun, disposable table runner. Read More)
  • Use individual containers. Instead of a vegetable tray, place each vegetable in its own container such as square vases, small bowls or even short drinking glasses.
  • Try to keep all the presentation dishes either clear or white.


Need more help planning a social event?  

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