DIY is a dirty word

Well I guess it's a dirty acronym....bad acronym (sounds like a rock band....)

My crafty and DIY brides are some of my favorite.  I love seeing what they create.  However, make sure you do it right.

DIY sometimes get a bad name and here is why:

1. Bride's try to do things they aren't really talented at.  I have helped many brides by doing their bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces at the last minute when they realize that it is harder than it looks or they don't have the time or space.

Note: If you have never arranged flowers or baked a cake, doing it for the first time for your wedding it probably not a good idea.

2. They make everyone else work harder, kinda like the DIY version of a bridezilla.  Large projects might sound good, but will making your best friends work until 3am assembling full size cherry blossom trees help your friendship?

Note: Don't assume your friends or family wants to help with your crafty dreams

Creative commons Salicia 

3. They underestimate the time it will take. Working away the night before your wedding to finish projects is just a big NO!

Note: Start early and finish well before the wedding day.

Don't make these big mistakes and become a DIY bridezilla.  Trust me...your friends, family and wedding vendors will thank you.