2014 Trends: Food & Catering

There are many new trends in food as well as the continuation of earlier trends.

creative commons: Canadian Film Centre 

1. Higher quality food.  Brides and grooms are used to eating good food in restaurants; they expect that same quality in what they serve their guests.

2. Family style food.  Instead of a seated, served dinner or a buffet, many couple are opting for family style dining.  Food arrives at each table on large platter that are passed around.

3. Midnight snacks are still very popular.  Some of the newest foods are traditional street and fair foods such as fries, pretzels and sliders.

4. Cake - tiers are uneven heights.

5. Farm to table.  Many couples enjoy visiting their local farmers markets as well as local diners and cafes that include local foods.  They want to offer this same freshness to their guests.

6. Small bites. Plates with a 1 or 2 bite serving of different foods.

7.  Culturally diverse menu.  The menu may include foods from different countries or simply from the couple's hometowns.

8. Custom cocktails.  Retro inspired recipes at the bar as well as signature cocktails.

creative commons: Thomas Hawk