Are wedding blogs too over the top?

As brides, you are overwhelmed with inspiration on a daily basis.  In addition to TV shows and magazines, there are daily blogs.  Then there is Pinterest and other wedding collection sites such as 

At what point do you get bored looking at weddings?  Does everything start to look the same?

Check out this awesome article at Mountain Side Bride from a photographer to wedding bloggers...

" I’ve seen gorgeous wedding photography shot by colleagues turned down for publication. Why? Because not all of our weddings include brides sporting bird nests in their hair, or pretty, young Anthropologie-swathed bridesmaids, or meticulously stenciled miniature burlap dinosaurs holding up place cards made from the recycled issues of Rolling Stone, or weddings held in obscure meadows that can only be reached via bush pilot or a team of sled dogs. Sound over the top? It is, but you publish this stuff daily! So what is the reality behind many weddings?
Sometimes our clients get married in churches, country clubs, or even a VFWs (oh yes… it’s true!).
 they wear a simple silk wedding dresses, or employ florists instead of roaming the hillsides of Sweden picking wildflowers the morning of their weddings. Sometimes they are doctors, lawyers, or police officers who are too busy to make custom bird cake-toppers and who don’t have access to a baby-blue vintage bicycles. Sometimes their weddings are simple/normal/average."