I am the best wedding planner in the world....no really!

I am the top, premiere, best wedding planner ever!

OK so maybe not....

It seems as though the websites of every wedding professionals lists them as the premiere in their field.  But who decides if they are the top?  
Do they do the most weddings every year?  
Do they make the most money?  

Who really decides who is top. Is there a wedding czar who hands out levels? And how long does that last for. Is there an expiration date to being the top? If their website says that they are award winning or that they were chosen  in a bridal survey then it validates what they are saying.  But to say that they are the top.....do they really represent the very best in their field ? 

Saying that you are the premiere of your field is very arbitrary yet almost every wedding professional mentions it. Can every one be top? Well of course they aren't about to mention if they are the bottom of their field, lol.  It would be like a doctor saying they graduated at the bottom of their class.

But don't take everything you read at face value.  Even if they are the absolute pinnacle in their field it still may not make them the right fit for you.  Choose wedding professionals based on the services they provide, their ability to meet your budget and how well you work together not some boiler-plate words on their website.


The most amazing wedding planner that has ever lived :-)