3 fun Bridal Shower Games

Before the wedding, most brides are given a bridal shower.  Some of my best memories are of the games played at my bridal showers.  

One that was played at mine, and is still an all time favorite - the toilet paper wedding dress.  Divide the guests into teams and give each team one roll of toilet paper.  Each team chooses a model and then uses the toilet paper to fashion a wedding dress and ensemble.  The bride gets to choose the best team.  

Another fun game that also involves the guests is the pocketbook game.  Assign points for common items women carry in their purse - lipstick/gloss, tissues, keys, tampons, or makeup.  Keys might be 1 point and lipstick 2 points.  But, also include points for random items such as a can opener or kids toys.  

For a game that really involves the bride, play the blindfold game.  Blindfold the bride and then tell her to get dressed.  Give her a bag of clothing items as well as fun accessories such as hats, glasses or scarves.  

These games can be great opportunities for photos so be sure someone brings a camera.