What makes a wedding memorable? 4 Tips

Sometimes you see photos of a wedding and everything about it looks amazing. You stare at the images and wonder “How do I create a wedding that everyone talks about for years?” These 4 simple tips will get you started on an amazing day.

1. Have Fun. This is the most important aspect of any wedding. Your wedding day is a celebration of your marriage. Friends and family have traveled to witness this wonderful event. So…relax, smile and enjoy every moment. Don’t stress about the little details; other than your wedding planner and yourself, no one know. The guests won’t realize if the cake flowers are the wrong color of if there were supposed to be dinner rolls instead of biscuits on the buffet. But, if you aren’t having fun or just sitting around, the guests will notice.

2. Make sure your guests have fun. While everyone has gathered to celebrate your day, they want to enjoy the event as well. Be sure to inform guests of any important details such as an outdoor event if weather is an issue. Don’t leave your guests just sitting around for long periods of time. It’s fine if everyone is enjoying the food, dancing or talking; but don’t have an extended cocktail hour without providing snacks and possibly entertainment for the guests. They want to have fun too.

3. Details, details, details. Most of the amazing looking weddings on blogs and in magazines have one thing in common. Lots of great little details. These don’t have to be things that break the budget. These are small details that extend the feel of your wedding throughout the day. Don’t purchase items just to have more details. Sometimes extra purchases are just stuff; they waste money and don’t add anything special. For example, If you want the color blue at your wedding then incorporate it in subtle but effective ways.  The same goes for any motif or icon that you like, use it but wisely.

4.  Incorporate your personality. Nothing makes a wedding more memorable than for it to truly reflect the couple getting married. If you are famous for game nights at your house, then incorporate it into your wedding. Place a different game at every guest table and images on invites and programs. Are you the kind of girl that would never be caught in a frilly dress any other time? Then why do something so opposite of you at your wedding? Choose something unique, simple or an unexpected color.