Don't forget the marriage

Recently a celebrity wedding followed a few months later by a divorce has been making headlines.  The wedding was amazing with designer dresses, celebrity everything and hundreds of guests.  But somewhere in planning this event, the bride and groom lost sight of the true goal... the marriage.

Planning a wedding involves hundreds of hours of planning and coordinating sometimes hundreds of little details. It can be easy to get so caught up in the wedding that the marriage can be something of a let down.  Marriage isn't always glamorous or even fun.  Sometimes it is difficult and it takes work, a lot of work.  A good marriage doesn't make itself.  A good wedding doesn't make a good marriage.

Regardless of your state's requirements, you may want to consider premarital counseling.  Having realistic expectations and good communications can go a long way toward getting your marriage off to a good start.   Think Marriage is a good place to start as well as Prepare Enrich or Relate Institute.

While the color of the flowers and the style of the dress is important now, the quality of your marriage is what will matter in 20 years.  Start planning now.