Detours on the Wedding Planning Journey

Wedding planning can appear glamorous and fun.  However, for most brides it can amount to the workload of a second job.  There are also some unexpected bumps in the road.

Photo: Creative Commons

There are hundreds of books, websites and forums to get ideas and inspiration.  Unfortunately, all that creativity can also be overwhelming. How do you choose between fushia and pink?  It can be daunting to choose between  all of the fabulous options that exist.

Once you decide on the perfect flowers and cake, you realize how much its going to cost.  Everything costs money and it can be a little depressing to realize you can't afford to do all of the great things you planned.

So you decide to cut some costs by trimming the guest list and the catering menu.  That's the moment when everyone from your mom to your hairdresser starts giving you suggestions and telling you who to hire.  "We have to invite great-aunt Edna because she was invited to your cousin's wedding."   The one person who may not express any opinion or offer advice is your groom. Some guys just don't have a true opinion about all the little details involved in wedding planning.

While you can't avoid every detour and issue that arises, being aware can help you to step back and look at it as part of the process.  Try to take a few breaths and relax.  Stress only creates wrinkles (Oh, did we forget to mention that everyone will be talking about how you look.)