Wedding Planning and Design

It took Leonardo da Vinci 12 years to get Mona Lisa’s smile perfect.   Making beautiful things takes time, talent and skill.  And your wedding is the first chapter in a very long love story.  

You want your time to be spent being happy and focused on the things that really matter. 
And you want to give your guests an amazing experience all while looking beautiful and relaxed.
And on that day, you want time to stand still so you can savor every moment.

You've already made the most important said yes.  

Yes to the love,  to the commitment, 

to the tender moments, inside jokes and mutual adoration of sprinkles on ice cream.

Nowhere was there a yes to complicated, stressful wedding planning.

Focus on what truly matters; I'll help with the rest.

No two weddings are the same so why should your wedding planning services be limited to a package?  

If you want a preppy wedding design with pink flowers, I can make that happen.  Or do  you need help to setup a full size unicorn? We got you covered!  Need to know which vendors will  love your fun idea and bring it to life?  I have the list.

Each package is customized to fit your needs and has flat rate pricing to keep things simple.  2014 pricing starts at $1275 for coordination and $2300 for planning.  Inquire about 2015 rates. 

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Next Step: 

Connect with me  to find a time to meet at my downtown Franklin space.  This casual, no obligation, no pressure meeting will be a chance for us to get to know each other better and make sure that we are a good fit.  Once I discover more about your wedding ideas, details and vision, I will send a custom proposal and pricing.  

Can't meet in person? Skype, Google Hangouts or Facetime or even just a phone call will allow us to connect.