5 Royal Wedding traditions to include in your Wedding

5 Royal Wedding Traditionsto includein your wedding (1).jpg

1.       The bride carries myrtle in her bouquet, and the bouquet is usually all white.  This tradition was started by Queen Victoria’s daughter when a sprig of myrtle was cut from the Queen’s special plant.  An additional myrtle plant was started by Queen Elizabeth that royal brides also use.

Instead of a bridal toss, royal brides leave their bouquet at the grave of the Unknown Warrior.

2.       The Wedding Breakfast.   Royal weddings take place around noon and there is a meal that follows called the “wedding breakfast.”  A reception is held later that evening with food and dancing.  This menu from Will and Cate’s wedding breakfast shows their locally sourced food including salmon, lamb, asparagus, and honey ice cream. 

3.       The bride always wears a tiara.  One perk of being a royal is access to the jewelry.  In addition to the royal jewels, the Queen and many royals have private collections with stunning tiaras that are loaned out to the family.  Every bride from Queen Elizabeth to Duchess Catherine and many other royals have all worn a tiara on their wedding day.

4.       The wedding dress typically includes lace.   Additionally, each dress has personalized embroidery.  Queen Elizabeth’s dress included flowers to represent new life after WWII.  Duchess Catherine’s dress included roses, thistles, shamrocks and daffodils to represent England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

Did you know that the tradition of wearing white at your wedding started with Queen Victoria in 1840?

5.       The wedding cake is always “fruitcake,” a special cake made with dried fruits and iced in white.  After the wedding, the very large cake is cut into pieces and a piece is mailed to each guest as a Thank-You.  The rest of the cake is donated to charity or auctioned off to raise money.   This tradition was started by Queen Elizabeth when she donated her cake to school children in post-wartime England. 

Elegant Gold & White wedding

Andrea and Ethan had a stunning white & gold wedding.  They started with a ceremony at the church where Andrea grew up including important elements and traditions. 

bride and groom after the ceremony
coin pouch for wedding ceremony
brides wedding jewelry
groom and groomsmen in black tuxes
bride and bridesmaids flowergirl

Look at the bride's beautiful mantilla!

bride with long veil mantilla
bride holding white bouquet
groom kissing brides shoulder
black and white bride and groom hugging

After the ceremony, the celebration moved to Loveless Cafe.   String lights and candles, white roses, and gold linens and decor set a romantic mood. 

mercury gold votive candle holders reception
escort table with candles and white flowers

A beautiful dessert display greeted guests.  

amazing dessert display table gold and candles
dessert table doughnuts
dessert table cake pops candles
dessert parfait wedding reception

The evening was filled with large amounts of dancing and celebrating.  



Ceremony: St. Matthew Catholic Church
Reception: Loveless Cafe
Photography: Freestone Photography
Dessert: Sweet Little Mother
Lighting: Southern Sky
DJ: Paul Canas

Kickstart your Wedding Planning like a Pro

kickstart your wedding planning.jpg


You're Engaged?  Congrats!

Now let's get started planning your wedding.  These 9 steps will get you started like a pro. 

Step 1: Crunch Those Numbers

Before signing any contracts or hiring any vendors, your first step is to know your numbers.  

Guest Count - You need to have a good idea of your guest count in order to make early decisions.   Break your potential guest lists into groups to help you decide who you will invite and who you think will attend.  Every guest who attends adds to the final budget. The best way to keep the budget low is to keep the guest count small. 

Budget -  This one is a tough one!  You want to balance all those beautiful images you see on Pinterest with your need to pay your electric bill.   A quick estimate to get you started is that every guest will cost you $150 - $350 each.   You need to decide who will pay for what and what aspects are most important to you.  Don't forget to include service fees, taxes and tips into your final budget.  

Every couple is unique and how they choose to spend their money varies according to their wedding vision.   Some couple choose to spend more in one category while saving money in another.  Ask yourself if the things you are wanting to buy will add memories or value.  If it doesn't, then it is just ..... stuff.  The most important things are your wedding don't cost money....laughter, joy, hugs and the smiles of friends and family.

Step 2: Hire a Planner

If you are thinking about hiring a planner, now is the step to do it.  It is much easier for a planner to help you find the right venue and choose the best vendors before any contracts have been signed.  A good planner will recommend vendors that match your style and budget.  They can advise you on where to spend money and where to save money as well as ways to maximize your budget.  

Step 3: Choose some Dates

Create a list of your ideal dates.  Narrow it down to season and your favorite 2 or 3 dates.  Don't forget to look at national holidays, important family dates and events, and large local events going on the at the same time. 

Step 4: Think about your Wedding Style

When talking about your wedding vision, it helps to mention your wedding style.  What is style?  Style is the overall look and feel that guides the design.  It makes the day feel coherent.

So you do you determine your wedding style.  Think about what kind of party you want to have and the photos that most appeal to you.  Some common styles are: 

  • Romantic/ Muted

  • Fun/ Party

  • Modern/Minimal

  • Retro/ Vintage

  • Old Fashioned/ Homespun

  • Glamorous/ Elegant

  • Artisan/Boho

  • Asian/ Zen

  • Rustic/ Casual

  • Floral/ Garden

  • Outdoor/ Natural

Step 5: Look at Venues

Think about the style of wedding you want and make a list of venues that fit.  (Read more about wedding styles) Knowing your budget, guest count, and possible dates, you can narrow down your potential list.  Each venue has their own requirements for catering, rentals, lighting, bartending, etc.  

Step 6: Think about your Bridal Party

Start thinking about who you would like to invite to be a part of your bridal party.  It could be your sister, childhood best friend, or college roommate.  It is fine to be non-traditional and include your friends on either the bride or grooms side. 

Step 7:  Book your Photographer

Booking a photographer is a personal decision.  You want to find the best combination of budget, photography style, and personality.  If you know what photographer you want, book them quickly.  While every bride has a budget, photography is the one area where you should always splurge.  In 20 years, the flowers and cake will be gone, but the photographs will last.

Step 8: Book your Caterer

Along with all of the fun and dancing, comes eating and drinking.  Food can range from full meals to appetizers to light snacks.  Having food that everyone enjoys and remembers is a high priority for many brides.  Depending on the time of day and the style of your wedding, food can be served in different ways.

• Seated - guests remain at the table and food is brought to each guest
• Family style - guests remain at the table and food is brought on large platter which are passed around the table
• Buffet - guests select their food from a selection of food at long tables
• Food station - a twist on buffet with different selections of food strategically placed around the room
• Passed - Waiters offer food on trays to standing guests

Step 9: Stay Sane

The most important key to successful wedding planning is staying sane.   

Take a deep breath and relax.  It is useful to remember this during the entire process. Working on wedding details and logistics can be stressful, and if it isn't, dealing with family usually is. 
• Take time away from wedding planning.  Go away for the weekend or just out to the movies.
• Take a "me" day and get your nails done or a massage.
• Don't add to the stress by adding a lot of stuff because someone else thinks it should be that way.   Your wedding, your way.
• There are always things that go wrong or are outside of your control.  What will be, will be.
• Keep everything in perspective.  No matter what, at the end of the day, you and the person you love will be happily married.

Need more help?  Schedule a time for a phone chat to see if we can help.

Pantone 2018 Colors

Pantone has released their color of the year and the top 12 colors. 

The color of the year is Ultra Violet.  Inspired by the dark, night sky, this color makes us think of limitless possibilities, artistic expression and new creativity.   Purple is both mystical and intriguing. 


The top 12 colors from Pantone are fun, fresh, and uplifting.  Most of the colors are bold. 

Meadowlark -  This color is bright and uplifting.   It is perfect for spring. 

Pink Lavender - This calm shade is romantic and warm. 

Arcadia - Fun and vintage,  this cool shade inspires fun. 

Blooming Dahlia - This shade brings to mind soft, summer blooms.

Cherry Tomato - Bold and hot, this color is spicy and energetic. 

Emperador -  Warm and foundational, this color is perfect to add complement.

Little Boy Blue - Bringing to mind clear summer skies, this shade is endless and inspiring

Spring Crocus -  This shade is charming and uplifting

Ultra Violet - The color of the year in magical and distinctive

Almost Mauve -  Soft and delicate, this shade is almost ethereal

Lime Punch -  Bold and vibrant, this color reminds us of summer

Chili Oil - This warm and earthy shade adds balance and depth