The Language of Flowers

In Victorian times, communicating through flowers allowed individuals to express feelings.  These were commonly used in Tussie-Mussies, small bouquets of mixed flowers.  .  Some of the meanings might surprise brides who now choose flowers based on colors or appearance instead of meaning.

Belles Fleurs

Baby's breath - innocence
Bells of Ireland - luck
Cabbage - Profit
Calla Lilly - modesty
Carnation, Red - deep love
Carnation, Striped - refusal
Chrysanthemum - truth
Daisy - gentleness
Dahlia - elegance
Dandelion - flirting
Forget-me-nots - true love
Gardenia - ecstasy
Hydrangea - heartlessness
Iris - good news or message
Lily - purity
Lily of the Valley - return of happiness
Orchid - refined beauty
Peony - shame or bashful
Ranunculus - radiant with charm
Rose, Pink - grace
Rose, Red  - everlasting love
Sunflower - lofty thoughts
Tulip - declaration of love

Import flowers

These are just a few of the common flowers and their meanings.  Find more flower meanings.  Next time you select flowers for a bouquet whether for a wedding or just your table at home, think about their meaning and the message you are sending to others.

DIY Flower Resources

For Middle TN brides, a great flower resource is Import Flowers on Murphy Rd off West End.  They offer a wide selection of flowers, stems and greenery.   The flowers are fresh and very pretty.  If you don't see something you want, be sure to ask.  They can purchase most any flower at auction and have it available within a week.

If you visit, be sure to bring a jacket year-round.  The big walk in coolers can be pretty cold.

I have gone on many "field trips" with my brides to look at flowers and we always have a good time.  The staff is always friendly and glad to answer questions about pricing, availability and color selection.   Here are some of the floral arrangements I have created from these beauties. 

Coffeebreak roses, baby kale, hypernium berries, poppies and cockscomb make a stunning brides bouquet. 

Sweet and simple hand-tied bouquet with lace

Local Flowers: Madison Creek Farms

For brides in Middle TN looking for a local resource for flowers that are both beautiful and "green" then Madison Creek Farms is the place you should visit.

They are located just north of Nashville in Goodlettsville. The farm is open on Saturdays and Sundays 9-2 p.m.

Madison Creek Farms has been featured on the Martha Stewart Living wedding special for Style Network.

Brides can choose seasonal flowers and can walk the fields to see what is available from over 75 varieties. They also offer hand-tied bouquets.

View the Flowers

Visit this wonderful resource to see what options every local bride has right in their backyard.