Want to go Glamping and get some fresh air?

Many of us grew up with childhood memories and camping in the backyard or maybe a weekend trip.  But as I got older I realized that while I still love the outdoors, I'm not such a fan of traditional camping.

My family still takes frequent trips to go hiking, fly fishing or just to get away.  However, I have upgraded us to glamping. Instead of an air mattress and sleeping bag, I sleep on a bed with eucalyptus luxury sheets and a down comforter.  Because being in the outdoors doesn't have to mean "roughing it"

"Glamping" = Glamorous Camping. A luxury camping experience without sacrificing comfort

If you want a romantic getaway, a family reunion or a corporate retreat, contact me about creating the perfect glamping experience for you.

From gourmet catering and luxury linens to family style dinners there is an option available to suit your needs.  Want something around a theme such as vintage picnics or western campfires?  I can help make that happen.  Details can be customized to fit your preferences.

This service is available around the United States.

Why Glamping?

  • Not everyone owns the equipment required to go camping
  • Setting up campsights, tents and equipment takes time, knowledge and can be frustrating
  • Allows you to enjoy and connect with nature with less "getting your hands dirty"

Contact me to plan your adventure