Are you the craftiest bride ever?

When it comes to thinking about a DIY weddings, Martha Stewart has set the standard very high.  Basically you should grow your own flowers and food.

Then you should sew your own dress and bake your own cake.  (don't feel bad if you are an under achiever; I am too)

When it comes to being a crafty bride there is a right way and a wrong way to approach it.   My artsy and crafty brides have been some of my favorite weddings because I love working with their creativity.

1. Know why you want to do it. Most of my brides are DIY not because of price or saving money but because they want to create their own vision and express who they are.  For others, it is because they want something they haven't seen before.

2. Choose what is important.  While Martha can accomplish everything and still look polished, the rest of us tend to be.... well, less super human.  Pick the one area that is important to you and that matters.  Don't try to do it all.

3. Know your strengths and weaknesses.  What are your skills?  What are you good at?  If you are great at unique favors, then get that hot gun plugged in and start crafting.  But don't create the favors and feel successful and then decide to do the decor and then the flowers.  If you know that colors or design are your weakness, then find someone to fill that gap.

4. DIY doesn't mean do it alone or without vendors.  The most successful handcrafted weddings are the ones that make use of vendors.  I work well with DIY brides because I understand the need to express and create.  However, I can also make sure that the projects complement each other, the colors work well and we stay on a timeline.  Making amazing decor? How does that work with the florists designs?

5. Have a plan.  Know how the projects will get to the venue, how they will get assembled, and how they will get back to your home.  There is nothing worse than building a large project and realizing that you don't have a vehicle large enough to haul it.