2014 Trends: Style and Design

These style and design trends are very popular this year. 

1. Color trends:
  • Blush, pink, and nude colors especially for attire
  • A muted palette with gold accents  
  • One bright pop of color with a poppy red or indigo blue.   
  • Metallics very, very popular in all shades - gold, silver, bronze, copper
  • Rose gold metallic color has a pinker tone and is gaining popularity
Rachel Moore

2. Elegance and formality are returning.  
  • Great Gatsby/Art Deco.  Think big bands, stunning candlesticks and gold rimmed china.  
  • Old World opulence inspired by Downton Abbey
3. Woodland weddings are still very popular.  They often include that fairytale or whimsical elements getting inspiration from The Hobbit and Once Upon A Time. Natural elements such as birch containers and vines are frequently used. 

4. Patterns.  Chevron was very popular last year.  This year I am seeing stripes, florals, trellis designs and geometric shapes.  You can already see some of these patterns in the linens for bedding and kitchens.  These patterns are also appearing in stationery.

5. Lush flowers.  Soft romantic arrangements in crystal or silver containers.  A combination of elegant and retro.  Bouquets are looser with more of a cascading effect. 

6. Garland is back.  Whether greenery is down the center of a long table or draped over windows and doors, greenery is becoming a big trend.  Depending on the actual plant used changes the style and effect. 

7. Music mash ups.   Imagine string quartets playing rock or jazz.  It adds that unexpected element of surprise.

8. Wedding size is shrinking to around 100 – 125.  This is allowing for a more intimate wedding and the couple can stretch the budget further to be more creative or offer more upscale amenities.