6 things brides don't admit about planning a wedding

1. You get to daydream. You get to think about all those princess/fairy/ballroom/castle (insert your own) daydreams that you had as a child.  Whether it was being surrounded by fairies and unicorns in a woodland grove or a stunning castle or an old Hollywood movie set.  Everyone has that one crazy daydream that if money were no object you would love to make happen (even if it did include time travel).

2. You get disappointed.  It doesn't get talked about as much, but the process of planning a wedding sometimes creates disappointments.  It is easy to have a vision, but the sticker price to make that happen can be expensive.  And most of those stunning images on Pinterest that we all drool over, they don’t mention the price tag.

3. You get overwhelmed.  Every day hundreds of new images are uploaded, posted or pinned.  It can be easy to get lost in all the beautiful photos.  You may have started looking at wildflowers and then start thinking you like tulips.  Remember that those are other people's weddings; you want yours to be yours.  So stop and think about what you want for your wedding.  Then find a few images to represent what you want that you can show your wedding vendors.

4. You get overwhelmed (again). A wedding can be an emotionally stressful time from planning through the honeymoon.  Everyone shares their opinions and advice that you graciously accept with a smile (lucky you).  You get to navigate the mine field of family relationships.

5. You get to make decisions.  A lot of decisions - 1, 276 (give or take).  Every detail at your wedding requires a decision to obtain it and then some more to refine the design of it.  You may get to the point where you say, "I don't care, whatever you think is best".  You actually do care; you just can't mentally make one more decision.

6. You just want it to be over.  Every couple reaches that point where they just want to be done.  You want to be standing in your reception drinking and dancing with no more decisions to be made, no more stress, no more things to do.  You just want to enjoy all your hard work.