5 great reasons to plan your destination wedding in Nashville!

I have worked with many couples who live in Nashville and it is a destination for their families.  However, recently I have worked with more and more couples who are treating Nashville as a destination for the entire wedding.

Brides choose a Nashville wedding because, well because Nashville is suddenly trendy. I'm sure having our own TV show doesn't hurt.  We have always been a pretty terrific place to visit but the secret is getting out.

  • We having amazing venues in every style. We have barns and farms, plantations with amazing stories, renovated industrial spaces, modern lofts, full service hotels and great new places being built.  
  • We have music.  Any town in can provide music; we create it!  (enough said)
  • The food!  Sure we have biscuits and jam, bacon jam in fact and we have sweet tea.  But we also have talented chefs who are creating delights for every taste.  
  • We'll give you a smile with that.  Southern hospitality is contagious.  We are a friendly town and we want you to have a great time. 
  • You can spend days exploring and never leave downtown.  We have museums, historic sites and of course more of that great music that give Nashville its nickname.  

From music to historic sites to shopping and trendy restaurants, Nashville has something for everyone.   If you are thinking of a destination wedding, I would love to talk to you about considering Music City - Nashville.   Contact Me