The websites, apps and technology that make wedding planning easy

As technology get better so does its ability to make wedding planning easier and offer new options and ideas to couples.

Shopping:  makes it easy to shop and plan.  Search by color, style, popularity or keyword.  Filled with beautiful images, it is easy to find the perfect items for your wedding.

WeddingtonWay   is the way to find apparel for your bridal party.  Search real weddings and let your bridesmaids collaborate on which dresses they love (or will never wear again).


While these 2 aren't new they are still great tools.

Evernote - this clipping service works on your computer, browser and phone.  Take notes, save contacts, snap pics of contracts and share with others.   -  Read my review of Evernote

Pinterest - While vendors love seeing your pins, here is another way to use Pinterest. Create a secret board and when you see things that inspire you, take a photo and upload it to this board.

Allseated - This free site lets you manage your guest list, RSVP and seating chart.

Personalize your Wedding

WedPics - This service lets you create your wedding app, share it with your guests and everyone can share their photos with you.  Guests can upload from their phone or later from their computer at home.  Simple!

Personal hashtags - Many couples are creating and using a hashtag for their event.  Just search first to make sure that it is unique to you.

Charging stations - Having a charging station for phones and tablets at your wedding allows guests is easy.


What ways have apps and technology made planning easier for you?