Do you really know what a wedding costs?

If you have never planned a wedding, it can be very easy to underestimate what a wedding will cost.  The photos in blogs and on Pinterest don't include the price tag.

Check out the website Cost of Wedding.  Enter your zipcode and you can see averages for your area.  Or on the Wedding Cost Estimator to enter specific information about your wedding details for a more exact estimate.  Every bride should look at this before she begins planning.   Knowing the average or the range that items costs can prevent disappointment and make couples smarter about their spending decisions.

I did an estimate for an average bride.  Here is the breakdown.

Your Wedding Cost Estimate for Williamson County, TN
Your Estimated Cost: $27,613
Guests: 150
Estimated Cost Per Guest: $184

Averages In Williamson TN (County)
Cost: $26,531 to $44,218
Guests: 148 to 168

  Your Estimated Cost
Tuxedo/suit/other Rent/purchase $216
Wedding Dress/es $1,284
Attire & Accessories Total: $1,500 - 5.4% of Total
Your Estimated Cost
Hair Service $73
Makeup Service $58
Beauty & Spa Total: $131 - 0.5% of Total

Your Estimated Cost
DJ $768
Entertainment Total: $768 - 2.8% of Total

Your Estimated Cost
Boutonnieres, Corsages $140
Bridal Bouquet $151
Bridesmaid Bouquets $184
Event Decorations $492
Event Flower Arrangements $533
Event Table Centerpieces $366
Flowers & Decorations Total: $1,866 - 6.8% of Total

Your Estimated Cost
Ceremony Programs $112
Guest Book $63
Invitations & Reply Cards $261
Reception Menus $117
Table Name and Escort/place Cards $80
Invitations Total: $633 - 2.3% of Total

Your Estimated Cost
Digital or Photo cd/dvd $356
Wedding Photographer $1,823
Wedding Videographer $1,153
Photography & Video Total: $3,332 - 12.1% of Total

Your Estimated Cost
Full Service $3,845
Planner/Consultant Total: $3,845 - 13.9% of Total

Your Estimated Cost
Ceremony Officiator $214
Event Accessories $360
Event Bar Service $2,584
Event Food Service $5,004
Event Location $3,689
Event Rentals $1,793
Hotel Room for After Reception $327
Limo Rental $526
Rehearsal Dinner $598
Wedding Cake/dessert $443
Venue, Catering & Rentals Total: $15,538 - 56.3% of Total