7 things no one tell you about wedding planning

1. You have to learn a new language.  Before planning a wedding you may never have heard of DOC or Chivari or what was the MOB or MOG.  Here is a quick list of common terms:

  • DIY - Do it yourself
  • MOH - Maid of Honor
  • MOG - Mother of the Groom
  • MOB - Mother of the Bride
  • STD - Save the Date
  •  BM, GM - Bridesmaid, Groomsmen
  • DOC - Day of Coordinator
  • Prelude - music played before the ceremony
  • Chivari - A style of chair
  • Uplight - Lighting that is placed on the floor and has a beam of light up toward the ceiling
  • Pin-spot - A small beam of light used to highlight one area such as the cake table
  • Gobo - Lighting that uses a stencil to project a design or monogram onto the floor or wall
Here are two dictionaries to help you learn about the the new terms you hear.

2. Wedding are never perfect.  No matter what you see on blogs or the little voices keep whispering in your head, weddings never occur without a small hiccup.  It is usually very small things such as forgetting to bring the champagne flutes or a flower breaking on a boutonniere.  However, those things are never mentioned in blogs and truthfully are quickly forgotten about after the wedding.  Don't put more stress on yourself. 

creative commons: county marquees 

3.  Friends and family will get on your nerves.  People are usually much harder to manage than the details.  Your family may pressure you to invite too many people you don't care about.  Or a bridesmaid may procrastinate on buying her dress.  It may seem like they are singlehandedly trying to ruin your day.  Your mother may hate your linen color or you may get pressured into choosing a ringbearer.  Focus on the good parts and ignore the negative feedback.

4. The budget will try to double.  Making a budget and sticking to it are very difficult if not impossible.  Things will need to be purchased.  You will see things online that you have to have.  If you have never planned a wedding, it can be very easy to underestimate costs when beginning.   Set a reasonable budget and purchase based on good investments not adding fluff. 

5. Las vegas will sound wonderful. Or any other town that will let you elope quickly and with little fuss or expense.  Every couple has that moment where they wonder if they are insane for trying to plan a wedding.  Or putting all of their family into one room together was a good idea.  Family stress, money stress, or details and logistics can make even the most laid back couple envision a wedding with Elvis sounding wonderful. Usually this feeling passes. If it doesn't then find the quickest flight to Vegas and promise to have a small reception when you get back.  Peace of mind doesn't have a price tag.  

6. You may start obsessing over small details.  Whether it is the color of your napkins or the font on the invitation, there is usually one detail that causes every bride to lose it for a few.  It's OK.  After looking at enough Pinterest boards it can be easy to thing that your wedding isn't good enough.  Step back from the computer.  While it sounds harsh, no matter what you do or pick you will always see something better. 

7. Everyone wants to give you advice and share their opinion.  No matter if you want them too.  And they will ask you an endless amount of inane questions.  Just nod your head and give them simple details...and wait for the next person to start asking or offering advice.  It's your wedding and you get to decide what is right for your wedding.