2 Ways your wedding can "pay it forward"

A wedding can require a lot of time, energy and resources.  Many brides are choosing to use their wedding celebration as a time to also give back to a charity.

The I Do Foundation makes it easy for couples and guests to donate to a charity of their choice.  There are many ways to do this, but here are the top 2:

Instead of trinkets, mints or other small gifts for the guests, couples can instead choose a meaningful gift that is special to them.  You can opt to honor a loved one or family member with a donation to their favorite charity or in their name.  You can also have the donation go to a local charity in your community.

Select your charity and then place a card on each table telling guests of your donation.

Instead of guests buying you gifts, instead your guests can generously donate that money to a charity that you choose.  Provide your guests a link through your wedding website telling guests of your preference or include the information in the invitation.

From I Do Foundation: "By incorporating charity into life celebrations, we help families establish a pattern of giving that will last a lifetime."