Choosing the right wedding planner

There are hundreds, actually thousands of amazing wedding professionals around the Middle TN and North AL area.  Each one of these vendors can provide you with the services and products that you need to make your day special.   But I think it is very important for you to find vendors that fit your personality and style.  Usually this is a decision that can be made after the consultation meeting.  But sometimes it takes longer.

I had a bride and groom meet with me and then book my services for their wedding almost a year before the actual date.  A little time goes by and then I get an email stating that she doesn't want my services and wants to use a friend.


From a business side I was a little upset since I knew that the odds were slim of me booking another wedding that same date on short notice.  But I parted on good terms with the bride.  A few more months go by and I happen to see that same bride's wedding on a wedding blog.  In the article she describes parting company with me and then hiring another local wedding planner.  You know what...I was kinda hurt.  But then I stepped back and looked at the bigger picture.  I realized that it was for the best that the bride left me and went with another planner.  When she was first planning, she just wanted to check a box off her to-do list and didn't take the time to decide if I was the right planner for her and her wedding.

Sometimes when emailing or chatting with a bride I realize that this isn't the right bride for me; she has needs that I can't meet or we just aren't a good fit.   When choosing a planner, it isn't always about budget or style or communication; you have to like them as a person and have a gut feeling that they are the right one.  You don't want to add to your stress by changing wedding planners.

When you are meeting with a wedding planner, make sure that they not only match the services and budget that you need, but also that they are a good fit.

First ask the business related questions:
Are they a legitimate business? Licensed? Insured?
How long have they been in business?  (Remember certified does not mean experienced)
Are they part of the a wedding group or network?
Can you view some of their previous weddings and testimonials?
More questions to ask a potential planner

These next questions are ones to ask yourself during or after the meeting:
Do they make you feel relaxed?
Do they understand the style of your wedding?
Are you comfortable being around them for hours at a time?
Did they listen to your ideas?
Can you tell them all the family issues around the wedding and not feel like you have to withhold information?
Do they try to sell you on bigger packages or more expensive vendors?  Do they respect your budget?

These are just a few of the questions to ask yourself after your consultation meeting with a planner.  Everyone is unique. It is important to find a planner whose personality complements yours to make your day stress free and blissful.