Being True to Yourself - 6 Ways to get started

Wedding planning can be both fulfilling and overwhelming.   Looking at wedding blogs, books and magazines can put most brides into creative overload.  This abundance of amazing and gorgeous weddings can make it difficult for brides to narrow down the wedding style that is truly theirs.  In wedding planning, you should be true to yourself - your ideals, your style for your wedding.   Here are 6 ways to get you started:

1. You as a couple: Do you have common hobbies?  How did you meet?  Guests at your wedding want to see you and your personality reflected in the event.  Give the tables names that reflect your hobbies or decor that matches your favorite travel destination.

2. You as an individual:  Is the groom a DJ or musician?  Is the bride an artist?    Let your personal talents be included in your wedding.  The groom could create the playlist or even perform one song at the reception.  The bride can create the artwork for the programs or invites.

3. Your dream wedding: Most people have a vision of how their dream wedding looks and feels.  While sometimes it is not possible to create this entire dream due to budget or time constraints, use that ideal to fine tune and refine your wedding.   Do you dream of a wedding at an amusement park but it isn't possible?  Serve cotton candy and funnel cakes or have a food truck.  Maybe have some small games for the guests such as a ball toss or dart game.

4. Family traditions:  There are some family traditions, whether they are of weddings or other events, that can be incorporated into most weddings   Does your grandma always make her famous carrot cake for every family gathering?  Enlist family ahead of time or take the recipe to a baker and make mini cupcakes.   Are the same candlesticks or dishes at every Thanksgiving or Christmas meal?  Use them on the head table or sweetheart table for a touch of tradition.  Traditions and family history are a wonderful way to include the past with your future.

5. Your preferences: Some decisions are easier during planning.  What colors do you like?  Too many choices.  What colors do you dislike?  Your likes and dislikes should be conveyed to your vendors to give them insight to your preferences.

6. Being firm:  Pressure from family and friends can make your decisions seem inappropriate or too casual.  If something is important to you, then be firm about your decision.   What make you as a couple happy should be your focus.  While your family may not understand your desire to move away from "what everyone has done for years", it can be great to create your own new traditions.

Just remember, you are unique.  Let it shine during your wedding.