Should I Be a DIY bride?

The term DIY is everywhere in weddings.  Every blog is filled with amazing images of projects that the bride created herself.   It can make you wonder how she had the time.  Any bride can be a DIY bride the real question is should you?

Being a DIY bride can allow you to have a personal, tangible connection to your wedding, whether it is through the favors or the décor.  Almost no area of wedding planning has been untouched by DIY with the exception of actual day of events.  The list of possibilities is endless – chair sashes, bridesmaid hair pieces, cake topper, centerpieces, invitations, and so on. 

Before tackling any project, do you homework.  Research the final cost to create the item and then get a price quote from at least 2 wedding vendors.  If your only reason for doing DIY is to save money, you may find that it isn’t a substantial savings for every project.  If your reason is to create beautiful personal items that other will cherish, then also be sure to research the time investment. 

Don’t allow yourself to become overwhelmed with tasks.  Large tasks may require the help of bridesmaids, friends and family.  Time the projects so that they end at least 2 days before the wedding.   Unless you are skilled, experienced and have staff, don’t attempt to make the wedding cake or handle the catering yourself.  You don’t need the stress involved during the 24 hours before your wedding.

Plan ahead for transportation.  Now that you have created these amazing masterpieces, you have to know how they will get to and from the wedding venue.  Do they need assembled? Distributed? Arranged?  Talk with friends and wedding vendors to know in advance who will take care of these items.  Also be sure to designate who takes everything home after the big day.

Once you have handled these items, have fun with your DIY projects.  Invite your friends over for a crafting party and create a wedding that is unlike any other.