Rustic Weddings

Regardless of the time of year a rustic wedding can be fun and still very stylish. In the last few years, rustic weddings have maintained their natural roots while become more elegant and popular.

Here are some ideas that can be easily duplicated at any budget. These can also be great DIY projects.
Source: Shorely Chic

While cranberries are a great idea, you could also use coffee beans or river rocks.

What a cute way to display baby and childhood photos of the couple.

A wagon make a great place to put gifts while adding a lot of charm.

These jars can add a whimsical touch to tables and centerpieces. Look online for this cute jar of fireflies.

An old barn, historic house or farm can help set the scene for a beautiful rustic wedding.

Most rustic wedding have colorful flowers or simple designs but all of them are inspired by nature. Loose hand tied bouquets and "messy" centerpieces.

I loved this hairstyle for a rustic wedding, the looser style but still elegant with the flowers. Great for being outdoors.

Still need more ideas for your wedding, just drop me a note.