It Isn't all About Me

We know that the bride and the groom are the focus of this wonderful day. Their wedding and its celebration are momentous and compelling both for the couple and their families. But we have learned that the most remembered wedding are those focus on celebrating and consider that family and friends who will join in celebrating this event. Gleaned from scores of weddings, here are some ideas you can consider when you focus on your family and guest. Remember to treat your attendants like the friends they are - not like servants. As you select items for your gift registry, include items to fit everyone's budget. Select reception food tht most guest will like and enjoy. (This is not the day to serve liver and onions no matter how much you personally like it.) As you select table centerpieces, keep them at a scale that will allow guest at each table to see the people across the table. If you plan music during the dinner, keep it soft so people can hear themselves talk. And if you have dancing, make sure that some "golden oldies" are included so parents and their friends feel comfortable dancing too.

Avoid micromanaging everything. Let vendors do what they do best. Make it a point to personally greet as many guests as possible. For everyone's sake, try to limit the break between the ceremony and reception to no more than 2 hours. If locations or arrangements make this impossible, try to arrange something for guests to do in the interim. No one wants to go home and come back again. Think about everything you can do to make your wedding reception memorable for your guests as well as yourself. Remember that this is one of the biggest parties you and your family will ever give.